The Journey

I've always been a big believer in helping others. One of the number one questions i would ask myself is what is or will be my contribution to the world? How can i help others achieve their vision/goals? I'm striving to be someone bigger than myself. "Each one, teach one" is a quote i live by on a day-to-day basis. I decided to start my journey by creating a clothing brand with my core values. My goal is to build a brand that stands for something other than just looks. Something that stands for progress, growth, and unity.

Upon Starting this journey, I soon realized that i couldn't do it by myself. I reached out to a group of four individuals that I truly believe shared the same core values, and could also see and believe in the vision that i purposed. After we met to discuss each of our strengths and weaknesses. From there we worked countless hours on creating the brand you see today. This is the beginning of our journey, but far from the end.


"The Motivational Movement"Inspired by Fitness. Designed and created to motivate and promote self-confidence for all.